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After ganaching a cake, I sometime have left over ganache that I don’t want to throw away. Its usually only a few tablespoons so I make little home made truffles with them. Ganache also freezes very well and can sit at room temperature for a few days, or so I heard from a Chocolatier.

A firm ganache is exactly what truffles are,  and if you use a good quality dark chocolate they’ll taste just as good (if not better) then what you can get from the shops. So when you have some firm 2:1 chocolate ganache left over, just scoop, roll in cocoa powder and eat.


  • CAKEDAME says:

    Thanks a lot for your reply Asma! Very much appreciated! Will give ganache a go on my next covered cake coming up in a few days 😀

  • CAKEDAME says:

    Wonderful idea! Hoping to try this this week. Please may I ask what type of cream here in the UK is used to make ganache. Is it double cream or whipping cream please? I want to try switching to ganache instead of buttercream as I would love to achieve sharp corners. Thanks a lot!

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