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So not long after saying I preferred the piped lace style, I have a bride who is in love with a cake by Cotton and crumbs, based on a design by Peggy Porschen. You still following me? Its a vintage lace wedding cake, everyone loves white on white wedding cakes. Very romantic and very vintage.
I tend to deliver cakes assembled, so this four tier was taken as is. No, I am way to feeble and out of shape to lift cakes like this. My hefty husband does my deliveries, sometimes alone, but today I decided to accompany him to Alexandra Palace to make sure set up was done right. He can lift, but finishing touches and design are not his thing believe it or not.

Those are four tall tiers of Vanilla bean cake filled with my Berry Italian meringue buttercream. Its a spin on the normal vanilla buttercream and layer of jam and so far its been the all out winner during tastings.

The lighting wasn’t my friend on that day and the lighting during set up at the venue was even worse, I quickly set up a little table with a cream background and shot like a maniac. I don’t think the photos capture the true beauty of the cake, but the first one is my favourite. You can see where the lustre dust has brought out the details on the lace.


  • stewart says:

    sorry I also meant to say I wondered where you can buy that butterfly from as well?! you probably won’t be able to say but thought it might be worth asking anyway 😉 thank you. Stewart

  • stewart says:

    This is the most beautiful cake I have seen! My brother is getting married later this year and has asked me to make a cake for their wedding. However they are on a limited budget – which is why they are asking me! No pressure, as it’s my first wedding cake!!
    I’m just wondering if you may be able to recommend anywhere I could get similar moulds for the lace applique? Or if you may sell them? Any tips would be greatly received 🙂

    • Asma says:

      Hi Stewart, try searching for ‘CK lace moulds/molds’ and the brooch was purchased online. You should be able to find the same or similar on ebay. Hope it goes well, post a picture once you’ve done it!

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