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trendsWe’ve now entered 2014, and another 12 months of cake mania. Following on from the…ermm success ofย  last years 2013 trends, I thought I’d share my own top 10 wedding cake trends for 2014 UK.


No longer a secret practice of the Australians, the use of gold leaf and metallic accents in cake is already big but it will be taking off for us in the UK in a crazy way. Sharon Wee’s lustre and Faye Cahill’s silver leaf tutorials have helped de-mystify the metal and continue to help us cakers with our shiny dreams.


You either love or hate edible lace and the associated mats. The market leader was Sugarveil, some decorators struggled with the finicky mixture whilst other baulked at the price. The arrival of easier and cheaper new kids on the block and the continuing vintage wedding obsession means more and more of these edible lace cakes are catching the eyes of UK brides. My pick has to be Claire Bowmans Cake Lace, which is one of my favourite cake decorating products rights now.


All cool and futuristic, there’s something hip and cool about geometric. (Yes I said hip but it’s okay, I’m in my 20’s)

I love repeating patterns and corners, sharp edges and all that jazz, I even have a pinterest board dedicated to geometric cakespiration. Modern city wedding with Geo stationary and cake? – LOVE


An evolution from the vintage/country/shabbychic wedding cake that was oh so popular last year. This years soft and pastels feature more contemporary designs but with lots of lovely soft and feminine pastels. Think lilacs, pale pinks and jades in terms of colour. Ruffly flowers on square cakes, huge milk glass stands sitting in apple crates of fresh flowers. You’re getting it.


Yes, this may be the second year running on my list but this does not want to die! Naked cakes and messy iced cakes with flowers and unstructured designs will be popular again this year for the boho and budget brides.


Flowers, flowers. flowers, are they ever not in? I suspect not, but no.6 in our list describes the more realistic sugar flowers complete with (almost) botanically correct foliage. In this competitive (and saturated) industry, you can learn to create a pretty ‘fantasy flower’ after watching a 7 minute youtube video. Great sugar flowers separate the men from the boys, the noobs vs the Dunn’s, and illustrate the difference between a good cake decorator and an excellent one.


The year of the sponge. To be honest, every year is the year of the sponge to me as I don’t make fruitcake (shock horror). When it comes to flavours at consultation, I almost always hear ‘we don’t want fruit cake’. I’ve only been asked for it via email once and it’s never been mentioned in a positive way at any consultation. Sorry nan!


I love cake toppers but only Miss Cake style ones. Personalised acrylic laser cut toppers, please no bride and grooms! I know it’s tacky, but I do quite like the diamante ones too, just between me and you.


These delectable tables of goodies are continuing to grow in popularity. This year they’ll really take off as more and more brides are opting for more relaxed celebrations and an alternative to the traditional wedding cake. You can get a little bit of everything with a dessert table, so it’s perfect for me the more greedy guests.


Bold colours, like metallics have always been around but brides and decorators alike have always been a bit more cautious with colour. All white is so 2013, just throw on an enormous radiant orchid and you’ve got a classic contemporary cake design.

If you’ve reached the end, congrats! If you scrolled to the bottom, than I also salute you.

What do you think about my choices? Let me know what your predictions are for this year in the comments below.



  • Nelepa says:

    Asma sis, I just cannot believe I have not come across your work any sooner! Your articles are lovely to read and your photos are stunning to look at!
    Cant wait to have a peep through your blog!

  • Christina says:

    I was looking for an article that sums up 2014 wedding cakes and found it! Great job and the cakes are beautiful. I’m sharing this with my clients.

  • Lau says:

    So happy the rustic is still in fashion ๐Ÿ™‚ Great blog, Asma!

  • Here’s a way to get geometric and floral in one happy, beautiful and most importantly delicious cake: think the Eden Project. I painted my Christmas cake gold this year and there was no sneaky eating of that one, as the gold came off on your hands. Note to self: use a fork next time

    Also, I love a good fruit cake, it always makes me sad that people rarely experience the good ones. In fact I am nibbling on a piece right now!

    • Asma says:

      I can’t really talk much on the fruit cake front, but I can eat my way through an entire slab of marzipan. I didn’t realise so many people didn’t like it!

  • Ooooh this is ace, I’m going to reshare this! (And now get some cake!) I hate fruit cake so bye bye fruit cake is good for me!

  • Laura Babb says:

    LOVE the metallic one and I hope at least one of my couples plumps for a geometric design.

  • Andri says:

    Great round up, happy to see any of these at a wedding but I think metallic and geometric would have to be my two favourites ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I love this post so much that I just shared it on Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚ The perfect read for a rainy Monday morning, and my favourite of the above being the edible lace… I now rather fancy cake for breakfast!

  • Reshmi says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more bright colours WITH metallic touches and plenty floral flourishes all in one boom-tastic cake. And I am secretly/overtly pleased to see no cupcakes appearing in your trends prediction and also about moving on from ‘vintage’. #winning

    kidding…I love vintage cupcakes in a mismatched teacup-saucer set with a unique EAT ME cocktail stick flag really x

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