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Late last summer, I set up a little Strawberry dessert table for friends and family to enjoy in our local park. It was blogged by the lovely Sam from A Little London Wedding with my how-to’s. The minute after I finished taking these photos, the heavens opened and it started pouring down with rain. That’s London for you.

I never did share all the photos so now that its spring, here they are!

The cake was based on some beautiful strawberry variations I’d seen online while I was doing research, a few variations I came across had pink flowers.

Strawberry themed cake with pink strawberry flowers

Strawberry layer cake with berry Italian meringue buttercream

Strawberry and Apple cupcakes with berry Italian meringue buttercream

Red royal iced sugar cookies (I had some strawberry pop ones I never got round to taking photos of, look at my little pic up in the right hand corner and you can see a child eating one!)

Pink mini meringues

Chocolate dipped strawberries

To check out the tutorials for the Wild Strawberry cake and other inspiration check out A Little London Wedding.


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