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So my last website I paid for. I got in contact with a web designer, got it made and paid. I liked it at first, although it wasn’t perfect. I was supposed to be able to add photos/edit the site but said designer never explained it to me. So I was stuck with a site that I couldn’t edit, and a ‘web designer’ who decided the professional thing to do was ignore emails. C’est la vie

After a lot of thinking, reading tutorials, blogs and watching youtube vids I decided to bite the bullet and do my own site. My bro’s at Uni doing something with computers so naturally the noob in me thought he’d be able to do it. Wrong – that dude is doing something about games or some other such modern computing degree. No way was I going to even attempt to learn code, I can only just use simple html (still don’t know what xhtml is)

What seemed the ideal ‘thing’ to use was WordPress. I already blog with it and it seemed simple enough. Long story short is I figured it out! I purchased a theme from Themeforest and got on with taking photos for the site.

Here’s the finished site as it looks today. On second thoughts log on to and let me know what you think 🙂


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